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Analytics and automation for advertising
campaigns in Twitch, Azubu, and Youtube streams

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Monitor the display of banners
in streams in real-time

Deliver ads to thousands of streamers and check their effectiveness through advanced analytics

Quick setup and easy launch of advertising campaigns

Real-time reports on the progress of dozens of advertising campaigns

Benefits for the advertiser

Access to the advertiser’s paying audience: viewers of popular streamers

Easy setup for new streamers, without the
need for additional software

Automatic optimization
of advertising campaigns

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Automatic rotation of banners in

Automatic banner replacement in streams without the involvement of the streamer

Possibility to put an unlimited number of banners in queue

Statistics of impressions and views for each banner and streamer in real time

Easily place ads in streams

With the help of Robstream.com you can manage advertising for
hundreds of streams. With the ability to change banners automatically,
track impressions and view real-time reports,
you can create truly effective advertising campaigns.

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